Yoga Alliance 200-Hour
Teacher Training Course

26th May - 16th June 2012

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Yoga Teacher Training Courses Ibiza

Teaching Style & Content

Our training draws on the inspiration of Swami Sivananda and other great gurus. Our approach relies on passing on the skills for appropriate modification, safety in asanas and adaptation of postures for various medical conditions.

On this comprehensive course you will learn:

  • How the muscles and joints work within the postures 
  • Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation 
  • Class Management 
  • The main philosophical texts and how they are relevant, both to the history of yoga and yoga as it is practised in the West today.

The methodologies we use ensure that this is a cutting edge teacher training course, which is both transformational and confidence building. Our teaching methods are student-centred and fun. Although there is plenty of theory in the syllabus, we use interactive teaching methods, practical yoga sessions, role-play, and pair and group work to help you develop confidence and autonomy.

The key to safe yoga teaching is understanding, and that understanding comes through experience, observation, dedication and teaching. We do small peer-group teaching sessions from the beginning of the course in which we road-test how to deal practically and professionally with any situations that can arise in a yoga class. You are encouraged to start teaching your own class early on in this course.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Yogashala Ibiza offers pregnancy yoga at our "Garden of Joy", close to the sea.
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the garden of joy

The Garden of Joy

Our yoga centre "The Garden of Joy" is situated in a pine forests just from a shallow sandy bay.
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