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Wouter's mission is for everyone he teaches to be able to access the realm of the heart. The heart is the seat of the soul. Living in close connection to our hearts, means a connected life of fulfillment, the only life truly worthy of your time. He teaches with special sets of pranayama (breathing exercises) to empty the mind, and make student teachers more receptive to the soft voice of their hearts. Then Wouter will guide you through a series of slow although intense series of Vinyasa Flows of intermediate postures, to wake up the entire physical body and to learn how to feel deeply into the body. Finally student teachers will sink deep into their hearts, drawing new power from the divine source within, revitalizing batteries and gaining new insights into the workings of the heart. Wouter Smit’s aim is to lead you from the personal realm to yoga. With smooth flowing sequences of asanas on inspiring music, lot’s of attention will be given to the actual meeting of the steady, happy posture. Convinced that the world will become a more beautiful place when people live from their hearts, he will encourage you to find your heart and develop the power to stand for it.

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Yoga Alliance 200 & 500 Hour
Ibiza Teacher Training Course

1st June - 22nd June 2013


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